What are we doing exactly?


We remove inks, primers, adhesives and coating layers from inked extruded plastic films. laminated plastic films and multilayered packaging. Our innovative solution goes beyond mere recycling; it empowers recycled plastic films to reach their full potential. By enhancing their quality and processability, we're opening up a world of possibilities for these materials, while reducing reliance on virgin plastics and promoting a more sustainable future.

We are proud to have a bio-based liquid that is both water-based and environmentally friendly. Our solution poses no harm to the environment and is designed to be sustainable. Moreover, the sub-products generated in our process are not harmful, and they can be efficiently repurposed in various other industries.

Our innovative approach ensures not only the eco-friendliness of our product but also the potential for a circular economy where all elements contribute positively to the industrial ecosystem.

Here are several practical examples of things we can do: