We are a Dutch- Colombian start-up created 2 years ago, but our idea started around 10 years ago.
We are now in The Netherlands, with the long-term goal to grow in the global market. But for now, we are focusing our efforts in the European Market.
We are part of the Wageningen University StartHub  and the Climate LaunchPad Competition.


"Play a role in our society's environmental goals by fostering plastic circularity through enhancing the quality of recycled plastic films. Join us in driving positive change for the planet by ensuring plastics are reused effectively and contribute to a more sustainable future."  


  • Combat Plastic Pollution with Value-driven Innovation: Combat the issue of plastic pollution by adopting an innovative approach – de-ink 10% of the world's plastic film packaging (6.2 million tons/year) to enhance the value and sustainability of plastics.
  • Cultivate Employment in the Plastic Waste Sector: Spearhead initiatives in developing countries that foster employment growth in plastic waste management, specifically targeting the enhancement of waste stream sorting positions.


Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team from different countries with expertise in the sector of plastic blow film and food packaging.


Julian Zamudio

MSc. Environmental technology and chemist, entrepreneur, 10 years of expertise in R&D in plastic blow film.  

Andres Calderon

Environmental Engineer, entrepreneur, 10 years expertise in sales and business development. 

Jorge Millan

Chemical Engineer, inventor, 20 year of expertise in the plastic sector, specially in recycling processes.