Bioclean INK

Enabling Circular Plastic Films

Imagine a world where plastic film packaging doesn't end up in landfills, but instead is transformed into something useful. That's the vision behind our revolutionary technology. We've developed a process that can de-ink and de-laminate mono-layer, multi-layer, and laminated food packaging, giving these films a new life. This means we can keep plastic out of the environment and put it back to work, creating a more sustainable future for all.

What Is All About?

Plastic Films In Numbers

"Numbers speak volumes: Understand the Global and European statistics that define plastics' role in the circular economy revolution."

The Life Cycle

"From creation to impact: Delve into the lifecycle of plastic films, transforming industries and explore how it shapes our present and reshapes our future."

Our Value Proposition

"Elevate recycling's potential, sustainability amplified: Our promise is to elevate recycled plastic film's value beyond imagination."


"We aim to develop a pilot plant to clean, technically called deinking, all kind of plastic films. Our pilot plant will pioneer plastic film deinking. From post-consumer and post-industrial waste streams, including food, multilayer, and film packaging, we're redefining recycling from plastic films."

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What's the plan?